Conditional Formatting

Exception reporting using data-driven rules to identify datapoints for focus. For instance, highlighting the low performing employees.

Click on ‘Conditional Formatting’ option in the ‘Analyze’ section of the top ribbon:

You would see default rules applied based on metrics. You can delete those if you do not need it.

Click on ‘Add New Rule’ and now we can configure a new rule:

  • We can provide a name for the condition that will be shown in the legend

  • The condition can be set by rule (set of conditions) or color scale (range of values of a metric)

  • ‘Color Impacts on’ let’s you choose the UI element on which the color must be applied – Node Background color, Border color, Font color

  • And of course, select the color/color scheme for the same

  • Finally click on ‘Apply’

After applying the conditional formatting:

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