Project Management - xViz Gantt Chart | Introduction

Explore the capabilities and configurations of #1 Gantt Chart for Power BI - the xViz Gantt Chart, Microsoft Certified for Power BI.


Project management chart to monitor tasks, roadmaps, milestones, dependencies, resources and more!

Visualize enterprise project data with ease! Use advanced enterprise level capabilities to show how project breaks down into tasks, subtasks, and track project milestones and more.

xViz Gantt Chart is a modern project planning tool for Power BI which helps to articulate, communicate, and monitor the progress of projects. Business users leverage the unique enterprise features such as alerting, milestone configuration, task dependencies, creating connector lines, and live editing on the fly to empower project reporting in their organization with Power BI.

Key Features:

  • 2 Modes - Regular Gantt for project management and Gantt Resource for tailored view of resource planning, allocation, and review.

    • Expand/Collapse - Quickly expand/ collapse hierarchy data with a single click

  • Milestone Configuration - Specify important points along the progress of task in Gantt using milestones with customizable icon shape/color. Read more here - Milestones

  • Display Connector Lines - Define customizable connector lines to visualize dependencies. Read more here - Connectors

  • Progress - Display progress for the tasks in the chart as bar fill. Read more - Tracking the progress

  • Embed External URL - single click action navigation to external webpages from your dashboards/reports. Read more - Configure External URLs

  • Advanced Alerting techniques -

    • Data Grid: Conditionally formatted data grids to draw attention to priority tasks

    • Status Flag: Add customized status flag to determine the status of the task

    • Progress Bar: Color code the bar to notify the task progress and to drive attention Read more here - Alerting Techniques

  • Advanced Analytics - Display reference lines, reference bands highlighting key project metrics in the visual. Read more here - Reference Lines and Reference Range

  • Runtime Zoom - Interactive zoom in and out of timeline view, customize default zoom range. Read more here - Timeline Configurations

  • Display Overall Totals - Add an overall total row on the provided data. Read more here - Display Totals

  • Summary Table - gain a tabular overview to slice and filter your data

Additional Configurations:

  • Coloring Options - Color various elements on the Gantt Chart plot area. Read more here - Data Colors

  • Bullet/ Bar View - Progress Bars can be toggled between bullet and bar views for advanced insights. Read more here - Progress Bar Display

  • Ragged Hierarchy - View unbalanced hierarchy with ease by hiding blank categories. Read more here - Hide Blanks

  • Date Formats - Customize the date format for tooltips as per your choice. Read more - Date Formats

  • Fiscal Year Support - customize your timeline based on your company's fiscal year. Read more here - Fiscal Year Support

How to try the xViz Gantt Chart?

Download the sample report file (.pbix) or install the visual in your reports from

Microsoft AppSource | xViz Gantt Chart (Microsoft Certified)

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