Q1. How are Parent Progress and Child Progress calculated?

Answer: The Leaf-level Progress is rendered from the input data. Parent Progress is calculated within the visual. Please refer to the Parent Level Calculations for the mathematical explanation.

Q2. How to adjust/use Zoom levels in the Advanced editor?

Answer: The zoom levels are simple, and you just need to assign the required year, month, quarter, hour, etc., and it will display it in the chart as per the data available. For example, if you want to view the years with the 1st and 3rd Quarters and every 3 months in the chart, you can set the zoom levels as shown below.

This is how it will be displayed.

Q3. How to apply conditional formatting on milestones?

Answer: Conditional formatting can be applied for Milestones also by giving the required condition with the Applied To option as “Milestone”.

Q4. How to use the "Duration" data field?

The duration data field is an alternative to the "End date" field. The value from the Duration data field to the Start date to calculate the End Date internally.

Q5. How to hide/show display Category and Measure?

You can hide/show the Display Measure and Display Categories by just turning on/off the toggle under the respective sections in the Format Pane:

Q6. How to use Padding Start and Padding End?

The padding is usually used to add some buffer in the timeline start and end. You can adjust them as per your needs in the Format Pane -> Timeline section.

Q7. How to show the Progress in the chart?

You can directly use the percentage values (in the range 0 - 100) in the "Progress" data field to show the Progress in the chart.

Q8. How to add more information to the Tooltip?

You need to add the necessary information in the Tooltip field that you would like to display.

Q9. How to change the font color in the Data Grid for Parent and Child Levels?

Font appearance customization can be done for the Root Levels (Top Node), Leaf Levels (Child node) and other middle levels (Parent node) in the Format Pane -> Data Grid section.

Q 10. How to show the chart with a specific starting month as a Fiscal year?

You can adjust your Fiscal start month of the year with the options "Fiscal Year Type" and "Fiscal Year - Starting Month" in the Format Pane -> Chart Options:

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