Parent Level Calculations

How are the metrics of parent bar calculated:

  1. Start Date - Earliest start date of all its child bars

  2. End Date - Latest end date of all its child bars

  3. Progress - Refer to the below explanation:


  4. Data label (numeric) - Select the aggregation in Number formatting -> Data_label_column_name AggregationType option. It provides a dropdown to select the aggregation for numeric values in data labels.

    1. Sum=ΣdSum= Σd

    2. Average=Σdl/nAverage= Σdl/n

    3. Parent bar data label of weighted average type is the sum of its every child bar's product of duration and data label value, divided by the sum of all its child bars duration.WeightedAverage=(Σ(dxdl))/ΣdWeighted Average = (Σ(d x dl))/Σd

    Where n is number of child bars, d is the duration of child bar, dl is the data label value of the child bar.

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