Use Cases

1. Organization Performance

Unveil HR/Employee Performance insights through an interactive Org Tree Chart with performance attributes and Trends. Gain insights of the organization performance with pictorial (using images) hierarchy views of reporting structures. Visualize dependencies and collaboration with additional Links. Enable quick navigation with predefined subtree views using Tabs.

Pictorial representation of the organization hierarchy with performance trends and comparison with benchmarks/targets. Visualize dependencies and collaboration with additional links. Enable quick navigation with predefined subtree views (like per Department) using Tabs. Leverage Conditional Formatting to highlight best and worst performers.

2. Process Flow

Visualize business flows in various Stages using Swim lanes with connector lines, associated KPI metrics, and trends in one single integrated view. Visualize processes in stages with swim lanes. Understand the business flows using links and current status with KPIs. Enhance insights icons for categorization and aesthetic representation to enhance insights.

3. Sales Performance Analysis

Dive deep into Sales Performance at Regional, Departmental, and Salesperson Levels with Decomposition Trees. Capture the exceptions in Sales Performance using conditional formatting and legend click features. Add Notes for textual contexts on specific data points for effective storytelling. Exploratory analysis by end user using interactive Search and Filter capabilities. Arrange the nodes in space efficient manner using the layout and orientation variations.

Plot the sales performance of employees by region as per Region Head hierarchies. Provide exception reporting by Highlighting top and bottom performers using conditional formatting. Focus on specific datapoints using legend click functionality. Add notes at node level for a complete storytelling experience. Provide the Search and Filter features to report end-users to find relevant nodes by criteria.

4. Cost Center Analysis

Analyze Cost Centers in a KPI Tree using the multiple column hierarchy structure. View the KPIs aggregated on various dimensions like Department or Regions. View the grand total and its trend at the root of the tree for comprehensive insights.

Plot a KPI Tree on multi-level dimensions by providing a multi-column hierarchy structure like Cost Center, Departments. Aggregate the values on higher levels (Department) withing the visual. Plot a total node for the grand total value for the organization. Use Detail View to look at the zoomed view of the trend lines.

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