Viewing Subtrees

Within every organization, numerous teams operate with designated team leads and managers overseeing their respective functions. Each team comprises leaders and subordinates forming a hierarchical structure.

In a scenario where the Chairman wants to see the subtree structure of the technical team with its manager then, we can use the functionality “Set as Top Node”.

Set as Top Node enables you to designate a specific node as the top-level node with its subtree structure. It allows you to analyze based on a more detailed hierarchy.

Step to View Subtrees:

Report viewers will be able to navigate and view the Subtrees as required, by using the below steps:

  1. Hover over the specific node

  2. Click on the ellipse Icon

  3. Select the “Set as Top Level” option.

Where the Technical Director: ”Janae Barrett” will be set as a Top Node with his complete team structure.

Back to Top Node

After generating the subtree structure, you'll notice the "Back to the Top Node" button positioned at the top left corner. This feature allows you to easily revert to the original structure with a single click.

Home Button

Adjacent to the tabs located at the bottom left corner, you'll find the home button. By simply clicking on this button, you're swiftly taken back to the original state.

After hovering over the Icon we can see the cross symbol to delete the home page button.


Hover over the Tabs and Click on the ellipse icon, we get the option to 1. Rename 2. Make as Default 3. Hide 4. Cross Icon to delete the tab

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