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What is Duration?

The Task Duration is the difference between the Start and End Dates. The Duration indicates the time frame that is available for the task to be completed. The Duration Type of a task identifies the relationship between the number of resources assigned to a task, the total effort, and the total Duration of the task.

Typically, we would need to write a DAX measure to determine the difference between dates. However, in the xViz Gantt chart, there is no need to write a DAX measure. The visual calculates the duration for you.

Duration in the xViz Gantt Chart

The xViz Gantt chart makes it easy to calculate duration using Actual dates and Planned dates, with the ability to show the duration in various units like days, weeks, months, etc. This visual provides flexibility and simplifies analysis by automatically adding additional columns to the chart showcasing the Duration, so you don't need to write any DAX measures.

Steps to Use Duration in Gantt Chart:

1. Add Dates to the Gantt Chart

Begin by inputting your actual dates into the Gantt chart

2. Optional - Display Duration based on Planned Dates

To calculate the duration based on planned dates, add your planned start and end dates to the chart.

3. Display Calculated Durations

Go to the Format Pane and select the option for Display Categories

4. Select Duration Type

In the Display Categories, you will find the Duration Type option where you can choose between

  • Actual Dates

  • Planned Dates

  • Or Both

5. Choose Duration Units

You can display the duration in different units such as

  • Months

  • Weeks

  • Days

  • Hours

  • Minutes

  • Seconds

6. Decimal places for Duration

There is an option to show durations with decimal places for more precise measurements.

7. Additional Formatting options

You can add suffixes to the duration values, change the title, and increase the width size of the column added.

New column for Duration added

When you select the duration option, a new column will be added to the chart showing the calculated duration values.

  • Actual Duration

  • Planned Duration

  • Both Actual and Planned

Note: To show Planned Duration at the Parent levels as well, ensure to enable the below option: Format pane -> Chart Options -> Show Planned Tasks

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