Setting Up Drill-through

How to Set Up Drill through in xViz Gantt Chart?

Drill through allows users to explore detailed information related to specific data points in your report. Follow these steps to set up drill through for the xViz Gantt Chart:

  1. Create a Target Report Page:

  • Begin by creating a new report page. This will serve as the target page for drill-through.

  • Design this page with the visual elements you want to display when users drill down into specific data.

  1. Configure Drill through on the Target Page:

  • Open the target report page.

  • In the Visualizations pane, locate the Build visual section.

  • Drag and drop the field that you want to enable drill through for into the drill through well. This field will act as the trigger for drill-through actions.

  1. Automatic Back Button Creation:

  • When you add a field to the drill through filters well, Power BI automatically generates a back button visual.

  • This back button becomes a clickable element in published reports.

  • Users who view your report in the Power BI service can use this button to return to the original source report page.

  1. User Interaction:

  • On the source page of your report (where the xViz Gantt Chart is displayed), users can double-click a specific data point.

  • This action opens a context menu that supports drill through.

  • Users can choose to drill through to the target page associated with that data point.

  1. Filtered Target Page:

  • When report readers select drill through, the target page is dynamically filtered.

  • It displays relevant information related to the specific data point they double-clicked on.

Remember to test your drill-through setup thoroughly to ensure a seamless user experience. Happy reporting!

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