Milestones in the Gantt time that help to establish mark the specific key points within the timeline.

Milestones serve multiple purposes, including tracking and monitoring progress, establishing goals and objectives, identifying potential delays, and communicating progress to stakeholders.

Steps to Configure the Milestones:

Type 1 – Multiple Milestone Date columns

  1. Here's an example of a data with 3 columns for Milestone dates

  1. Add the date columns to the Milestone data field

  1. As a result, the three milestones are plotted for every site (leaf level bars)

Type 2 - Date and Milestone Name columns

  1. Here's an example of a data with a column for milestone dates and another for the milestone names.

  1. Add the data to the Milestone and Milestone Name data fields

  1. As a result, the different types of milestones are plotted on the Sites/bars

Milestone formatting

  1. To format the milestones, open Advanced Editor

  1. In Advanced Editor, click on the Milestones tab

Configure the shape and color of the milestones based on date columns or the Milestone names, as shown above.

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