Timeline Range

xViz Gantt Chart offers flexibility to use Dynamic, Static or Default dates in the Timeline.

Step to Configure Static Date:

  1. Open the Advanced Editor Icon

  2. Open the Timeline section.

  3. Options of Start Date and End Date will be shown:

  4. Select the drop drown option for Start Date/End Date and select the "Static Date" option:

  5. Select the Date from the Calendar:

  6. Click on the Save button to save the changes:

Benefit! This enables to keep the Timeline static despite applying filters/slicers.

Steps to add Dynamic date from the data

  1. Populate the “Timeline Start/End” data field with the required measures:

  2. Click on the Advanced Editor Icon and select the Timeline option.

  3. In the Timeline section, select “Data” as the option for Start Date/End Date:

  4. Select the Date measure provided in the data field:

  5. Select the save button to update the timeline.

  6. The timeline range will be as per the values of the measure selected.

Example - To show the current calendar year, provide two DAX measures that dynamically calculate January 1st of the current year and December 31st of the current year for the start and end dates respectively.

Combination of Dates

  1. In the Timeline section we can use a combination of dates.

  2. Can show the Start date as a Static date and End date as Data.

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