Zoom Range Options

Zoom Range Options:

Use the Zoom Range Options to configure the time range to be visible at any point of time on the visualization.

Enabling the Zoom Range Options gives us the capability to set the Zoom units, Range and Anchor the date as per needs.

Go the Format Pane -> Timeline -> Zoom Range Enable (Toggle On/Off)

  1. Zoom Units: This option defines the unit to be used to define the visible range in the timeline. There are eight options in the Zoom units as seen below:

  1. Zoom Range: This option defines the visible ranges to fit in the timeline while using the buttons or wheels for zooming.

  1. Zoom Anchor: The horizontal scroll is enabled if the Timeline spans beyond the visible range on the chart. With this option, you can define the default position of the scroll. There are six options in Zoom Anchor as seen below:

  1. Scroll Bar Color Option: Set the color of the scroll bar using color palette.

In the below example, the Timeline is set to display 3-day period. The scroll position is set to the first date of the data. And scroll bar color is set to blue

The result can be seen in the image below:

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